The Camp

Dance on the Shannon is the first ever Irish dance camp abroad, designed to bring American Irish dancers to Ireland, where they can practice Irish dance while immersed in Irish culture. Not only is the camp an opportunity for dance training, but also for cultural exposure through music, art, and excursions into southwestern Ireland. This experience abroad gives the American dancer access to a cultural understanding that they would not have otherwise, and Irish dancers the opportunity to meet and share their culture through music and dance.


Classes are taught by Joni Muggivan, TCRG and Anne Burke, TCRG. The camp has open status which means that any dancer who is currently under the instruction of a TCRG, or anyone who is not affiliated with any other Irish Dance organization, is allowed to participate in the camp. Classes are open to students at all levels.

Camp Offerings

Offerings included in the camp are classes in Irish music and culture, as well as excursions to sights around the area. Classes are held in the Town Hall, which is within walking distance of the lodging options. You may choose to participate in as many or as few of the offerings as you would like. Details and course offerings are outlined in our registration packet.