Class Offerings

Improving Soft Shoe: Drills class focusing on lift, flow, and foot placement

Improving Hard Shoe: Drills class focusing on execution of treble jig and hornpipe rhythms

The Triple Threat: Stretching, strength training, and stamina/dance conditioning

Treble Reels: A fun class where dancers will practice basic treble reel rhythm and have the opportunity to create their own “party piece” steps for the evening ceilis

Jumps & Clicks: Class for improving leaps and popular jump tricks in soft shoe; improving heel click movements in hard shoe

Choreography: Learn how to dance in lines and formation

Traditional Sets: Instruction in traditional sets and techniques

Ceili Class: An all ages class teaching popular ceili dances such as The Seige of Ennis, The Haymakers Jig, and the Waves of Tory

Sean Nos: Enrichment/one day workshop Introduction to Sean nos dancing; (we are working on creating this as a one day enrichment class in association with Sean nos dancers in Gaeltacht)